How to get started in Cyprus
Setting up & running your business
1. Guide to Incorporation
The guide to business incorporation can be found here.
2. Guide to Registering
Getting registered is easy, simply follow this process
3. Guide to Annual Filings
Information regarding general tax queries, submission forms and filings can be found here.
Recruiting talent
1. Guide to obtaining Start-up Visas
The information guide and application forms for the Cyprus Startup Visa scheme can be found here.
2. Guide to hiring & employing in Cyprus
A detailed employer's guide regarding obligations for the payment of contributions to the Social Insurance, Annual Holidays with Pay, Redundancy, Human Resource Development and Social Cohesion Funds can be found here.
3. Guide to obtaining residency for EU nationals
Here you can find the official guide for nationals from EU Member States that want to apply for permanent residency.
4. Guide to obtaining residency for non-EU nationals
For non-EU nationals wanting to obtain residency in Cyprus, information on how to apply can be found here.
5. Citizenship programmes
Information regarding a detailed breakdown of the Cyprus residence visa categories can be found here.
Grants & Funding
Full details regarding grants and funding can be found in the following guide